Coolant System SA-150 230/400 Volt


Coolant System SA-150



Complete cooling system for smaller machine tools including coolant

Cooling-lubricating system type SA mounted on a drilling machine

Cooling-lubricating system type SA mounted on a drilling machine

This complete system is intended for the supply of cooling liquid to drill presses, band saws, small lathes, etc. Thanks to the professional SA type coolant pump, it is suitable for continuous operation at 230 V and 400 V.

The desired operating voltage is set when connecting the pump – each pump of type SA can be connected to both single and three-phase. The flow rate of the coolant can be continuously adjusted using the supplied valve.


  • Pump: SAP SA-150 (60 watts)
  • Operating voltage: either 230 or 400 volts
  • Regulation of coolant supply: 10 – 100% (approx. 1.2 – 12 l/ min. at 1 m delivery height)
  • Dimensions coolant reservoir: 360 * 270 * 200 mm (L*W*H)
  • Contents of coolant reservoir: approx. 20 l
  • Material coolant reservoir: plastic (PP)

Scope of delivery

  • coolant pump
  • Tank for coolant (approx. 20 liters)
  • Flex hose (350 mm long) with nozzle, magnetic base and valve
  • Clear PVC hose (supply drilling milk) 2 m (16/12 mm)
  • Clear PVC hose (return) 1 m (24/19 mm)
  • Screws, clamps, hose fittings
  • 1 liter of coolant concentrate, water-miscible, sufficient for up to 25 liters of coolant,

Notes & additional information

  • The SA pump is resistant to liquids containing particles (e.g. contaminated water) and all chemical compounds typically used in cooling lubricants.
  • The pump can be throttled up to 80% on the pressure side, which enables the flow rate to be optimally adjusted.
  • The pump inlet port is compatible with Quick-Fit couplings.
  • We can manufacture the pump type SA for all mains voltages on customer request.