HOSMAC – S 160 HJ Water-miscible Coolant


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HOSMAC – S 160 HJ is a mineral oil-based, water-miscible cooling lubricant for machining steel, gray cast iron and aluminum alloys. Work operations such as drilling, turning and milling are safely mastered with the HOSMAC – S 160 HJ . In addition, HOSMAC – S 160 HJ is for grinding operations o.g. Suitable materials.

HOSMAC – S 160 HJ contains mineral oils, an active ingredient combination consisting of native fats and oils and significantly counteracts tool wear. Organic anti-corrosion additives protect machines, tools and workpieces from corrosion in the recommended concentrations. Anionic and nonionic emulsifiers result in translucent emulsions of high stability.

The workpieces manufactured with HOSMAC – S 160 HJ can be degreased in common alkaline cleaners (e.g. unitech – PURGON range). HOSMAC – S 160 HJ is used in concentrations of 4-8% diluted in water. This achieves a yield of up to 250 liters for the 10 liter container.

Mixing takes place by slowly pouring the concentrate into tap water while stirring thoroughly or with the help of automatic mixing devices. We sell the cooling lubricant HOSMAC – S 160 HJ in 1 and 10 liter containers.

HOSMAC – S 160 HJ fulfills the requirements and guidelines of TRGS 611.

Key data cooling lubricant HOSMAC – S 160 HJ


Appearance: yellow, low-viscosity liquid
Density (20 ° C): 1010 kg / m³


Appearance: milky
pH value (2 – 10%): 9.1 – 9.4

Factors for determining the concentration

Drilling oil test piston: 1.6
Refractometer: 1.0

HOSMAC – S 160 HJ should not be exposed to large temperature fluctuations or frost during storage and should be brought to room temperature before use.

You can download the safety data sheet according to regulation (EG) No. 1907/2006 for the lubricant HOSMAC – S 160 HJ as PDF here: Safety data sheet HOSMAC – S 160 HJ

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